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Shalom Japan: A Sabra's Five Years in the Land of the Rising Sun

Shalom Japan: A Sabra's Five Years in the Land of the Rising Sun - Shifra Horn On one hand, I loved this book. I lived in Japan for 6 months in the 80s and loved reading about the ways in which the place had changed and stayed the same from the viewpoint of the shell-shocked gaijin (foreigner). I also enjoyed the Israeli/Jewish angle on the culture, which was new to me.

On the other hand, it was not all that well-written. I think it must have originated as columns for a periodical or something. There were chapters that revisited an idea from earlier in the book as though it had never been mentioned before. That got annoying. Within a chapter, at times a topic would seem to be headed somewhere and then just stop. This was less likely to happen in a vignette about her life, and more likely to happen when discussing some cultural topic. These factors definitely detracted from the pleasure of the book, but not enough that I wouldn't recommend it, especially to someone who has lived in Japan or will live there in the future. For someone who has spent time there, the book was full of "oh, man, I had forgotten about THAT!" moments that brought back the fun of being a stranger in a strange land!