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Short Straw - Stuart Woods I started reading Stuart Woods when I was living in GA. I really enjoyed the first few books of his that I read, which followed a law enforcement/political family from the invented town of Delano. I've read other books since and have never found that the other series measure up, but I continue to grab them if I need a quick read. I wanted a novel for New Mexico in my 50 states challenge, and I wanted a book that I could read while dealing with a restless kid stuck in the house with strep. This book fit the bill and gave me a pleasant diversion today. The novel follows the chaos generated when the wife of attorney Ed Eagle tries to make off with his substantial savings and investments and then tries to complete the job by putting a contract on him. Eagle sends investigators to track her down, secure a divorce and finish things without a lot of mess and fuss. She doesn't agree with this plan. There's quite a bit of chasing around the Southwest and Mexico, some shooting, and some sex. This is a book to read for the fun of the chase, not for the artistry of the language. It does its job, but not elegantly or even cleverly.