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Ulysses - James Joyce I'm holding off rating this one for now. I am proud to have finished it (combination of Kindle and Audio, sometimes at the same time), but I really feel like I only got about 20 percent of what was going on (and that actually might be optimistic). Based on quotes I've seen from Joyce himself, I don't think I'm meant to understand half of what he was doing with a simple read and without multiple degrees in literature and history, but I also felt like at some level, it would be good to approach it on a level playing field with every other novel I've ever read. What I can say is that there were times I was confused or bored or annoyed, but there were other times I was giggling and enjoying the ride. I have also invested in a Great Courses lecture series on the book by a Dartmouth professor and have committed to giving this another go with guidance from an expert, since I think I will enjoy it a lot that way. This one could end up with anything from 3 to 5 stars, but I'm betting on the high end.