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Room - Emma Donoghue This novel was shortlisted for several prizes I follow. I'll have to see what it lost to, because it was pretty marvelous. The book is written from the perspective of a precocious 5 year old. Early on we learn that he is in Room, and has been there every day of his 5 years on earth. He was born in room and his mother has built a very meaningful life for them to share within it's walls, but there is a coded lock on the door. The author does a fantastic job of capturing the world through the eyes of this child, and relating the struggle of the mother whose understanding of the world is so much bigger and more terrible. This is a book about what it takes to make sense of the world and the challenges of adjusting to severe trauma. I hate to give much of it away, but I do want to say--read this. It is brilliant. Here is a taste of the language: I count one hundred cereal and waterfall the milk that's nearly the same white as the bowls, no splashing, we thank Baby Jesus. I choose Meltedy Spoon with the white all blobby on his handle when he leaned on the pan of boiling pasta by accident. Ma doesn't like Meltedy Spoon but he's my favorite because he's not the same.I did the audio of this book and it was excellent!