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Over the Lip of the World: Among the Storytellers of Madagascar - Colleen J. McElroy I went back and forth on this book as I was reading it. At times I was bored and was going to give it only 2 stars, and then I would get to a section that interested me a bit more and I would bump it back up to 3. The book was a combination travelogue and chronicle of Malagasy folktales that the author collected all over the country by talking to village storytellers and others. I found the writing lackluster compared to what I normally read, and most of the folktales didn't do much for me. I did discover the poet Rado, whose more modern poetry I did really like, so I felt that the read was not a total loss. I also learned a lot more than I had known before about Madagascar's history and geography (easy, since I knew almost nothing despite my fascination with the wildlife there). Because of these things, I kept pulling myself through the book, but it was definitely a matter of pulling myself, rather than enjoying the read.