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Wife 22 - Melanie Gideon I usually don't do chick lit. It usually annoys me, actually. But I grew up with Melanie Gideon, and so I made an exception and decided to try this book. My sister actually has my copy and she and my mom dismissed this one out of hand after glancing through it. I think they made a mistake. This is actually quite a creative book, using the material which forms the communication patterns of so many of our lives these days--texts, facebook posts, email--in addition to more typical narration to paint a picture of the life of a middle-aged mom having a bit of a midlife crisis. She is now the same age that her mother was when she died, and so it is a year of reflection. Wife 22 is a story of parenting, of the bumps that come up in careers, of friendship, of parental loss, and of the place a marriage reaches after many years of multi-tasking. I'm a therapist, and I see couples like this all the time. They love each other, but have grown apart and aren't sure how to reconnect. When our heroine gets an online survey asking about her marriage, she (Wife 22) becomes intrigued with the process, and more problematically, with Researcher 101 who is assigned to her. The book is witty, but also touching. If you like Nora Ephron movies, you will probably like this book. Give it more of a chance than my mom did--it deserves it.