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Nemesis - Philip Roth Nemesis is, at its core, the story of how we create our own reality, be it of triumph, simple pleasure, or tragedy. Events themselves do not dictate the quality of life, but require our collaboration to give them their ultimate meaning. Bucky Cantor is a young playground director in a Jewish neighborhood in the Newark of the summer of 1944. His two best friends are in the same military unit in Europe, but he has been unable to volunteer for the war because of his vision problems. Bucky is a sweet responsible guy, raised by his grandparents after his mother died in childbirth (his dad, a thief, was never in the picture), and now cares for his aging grandmother. He is a high school gym teacher and boyfriend of a beautiful, vivacious woman who is working for the summer at a camp in the Pocono Mountains. When a polio epidemic engulfs Newark, Bucky finds himself facing difficult choices--stay in the infected community, or flee to the Poconos, where the drafting of the waterfront director of the camp where his girlfriend works has created a job opening that fits him perfectly--and questions--about the nature of God and the extent of personal responsibility. Philip Roth is brilliant at creating a human drama that explores the largest human issues with precise detail and linguistic dexterity. For those put off by the sexual excess in some of Roth's books, this novel is free of that element. It is a quick and engrossing read, which touches both heart and mind.