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The Satanic Verses - Salman Rushdie I did this as an audiobook, thinking that after a false start trying to read it, that would make digesting this one easier. On one hand, I have now finished it, on the other, I think I would have been less confused reading it than listening to it. I found the book hard to follow, and that is not my usual experience of Rushdie. By the end, I was feeling my usual affection for him as an author, but it took a lot to get there, and I don't think I took from the book nearly what was intended. I wish I still had Operation Shylock because it contains a reference to the fatwa on Rushdie after the publication of this book. The gist was basically, no need for a fatwa over a book no one will be able to get through anyway. That was sort of my experience. I did see what conservative Muslims would object to in the book; it did not go easy on Islam, but I think the critique could as easily be applied to fundamentalism in any religious tradition. Someday I may try again to actually read this book. Having been through it once already, I may then be able to really enjoy what others have found brilliant, rather than feeling pretty lost most of the time.