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Genesis - Eduardo Galeano, Cedric Belfrage Really wasn't sure I would like this book when I read the description. I wasn't sure I was up for a three volume history of the Americas in the guise of literature. But I ended up enjoying it and really looking forward to the next 2 volumes of the series (which I won't get to right away, since they make good Uruguay entries in Worldwide reading challenges and am saving for that purpose). The book is made up of small vignettes in chronological order based on records of tribal life/myth and then on the history of the conquest of the Americas by Europeans (This volume covers prehistory to 1700). I cringed with each story of destruction of so many people and so much irretrievable cultural wealth and wisdom. Sobering. And yes, I had read this in typical history books long ago, but reading it in this form does exactly what the author intends, it brings the process to life in a much more poignant way. I am really looking forward to this process applied to more recent centuries as well.