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The Cement Garden

The Cement Garden - Ian McEwan This book is strangely compelling at the same time that it makes you think "ewww." If you ever wondered whether it would be ok just to leave a bunch of kids to fend for themselves without an adult around, this book will tell you what a bad plan it would be--in case [b:Lord of the Flies|7624|Lord of the Flies|William Golding|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51VaoqPM%2BUL._SL75_.jpg|2766512] hadn't already given you the heads up. In this case the kids don't hate each other. They love each other a bit too much. Like I said, "eww." So the puzzle is what makes you keep reading and wanting to know what happens. It's an easy book, full of spare prose. There is underlying tension--will the situation unravel around the kids, ending the world they have built for themselves? There is the fact that while much of it is disturbing, you are also saying to yourself, well, "they are really just trying to figure out how to get through this crisis..." You aren't fully convinced by this argument, but no one is actually being malicious, exactly. You get the picture. It is an interesting, disturbing book.