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My Boyfriend's Back: True Stories of Rediscovering Love with a Long-Lost Sweetheart

My Boyfriend's Back - Donna Hanover I have been reading a lot of truly great literature lately, so it feels almost unfair to compare this book. It is a fun little read about the phenomenon of high school and college sweethearts reuniting years later. My mom got it for me 7 years ago when I was becoming one of those people, reuniting with my college boyfriend to start our wonderful marriage and family in our 40s. Now my mom herself is one of those people, head over heels with a guy she dated one summer in college. I am putting the book in the mail to her tomorrow.

I enjoyed reading the stories of reconnection in the book. What I liked less was when the book veered toward self-help in suggesting this as a potential way for people to actively seek a mate. To the extent that reconnecting becomes a strategy, I have to wonder if what works when it happens spontaneously won't become too forced and a source of disappointment.

Overall, cute book, but pales when compared to most of the amazing literature that fills my life.